Friday, May 14, 2010

amnesia induced procrastination

I wish there was a pager thing for cell phones- I lose mine way too often. Down the couch, on the bathroom counter, the depths of the purse. I try, unsuccessfully mind you, to put it in the same place when I'm done with it- you know so I'll know where to find it next time I want to use it.

Somehow I have developed cell phone amnesia. As soon as I'm done using it I promptly set it down and then forget that I just used it, then the wandering search begins. I think it's an actual medical condition, I don't think there is a cure.

Also there is no food in this house, not a thing to eat- so I must make the obligatory trip to Costco, on a Friday, Gah! I'm so not looking forward to that- not even the samples can mitigate the headache that is Costco on a Friday, or Saturday for that matter. I know- procrastination is the root of all evil or some such old adage. I'm sure I won't learn my lesson from this as I know that in my hermitishly cave like existence I will let us run completely out of food again before I go shopping next. and I'll curse my procrastination then too. I blame it all on the amnesia

1 comment:

  1. Costco on the weekend has never been my cup of tea. Sorry you had to go on a Friday.

    I, too, lose my cell phone. I just call myself on the land line when I am looking for it.