Saturday, May 15, 2010

confession of a planning zealot

I know, I know, I'm getting ahead of myself. It's only May for crying out loud, indulge me.

Every year The Mother comes out right around the 4th of July (yes it's hot here, but it's hot AND humid there). We paint our fingers and toes up all patriotic style, we have potato salad and something or other goes on the grill and fireworks are the finale to the day. Perfect in every way.

This year there will be no Mother, sigh, and I'm on the hook for 4th of July breakfast (the YW fundraiser)- I'm just not so sure about all of this.

I'm not the best person to be in charge of things- I'm no good at delegating, so I end up doing everything and being a crazy mess before hand, and vowing never to do anything like that again after. The problem with that is that there is entirely too much to be done for me not to delegate, so I need to figure that out pretty quickly, and there are the traditions that have gone on with the breakfast for the last hundred years, and there are grumbles if anything gets changed or heaven forbid- forgotten.

So I'm already starting to stress about this thing, and it's still almost two months away. I'm slightly over zealous about planning and prep (read OCD). I don't like to be under-prepared- caught with my pants down so to speak.

So the crux of the problem is whether to organize it all now and drive everyone involved crazy but give them the opportunity to share an opinion, and chance an ulcer; or to wait on the meeting/planning frenzy, and still have everything planned without input, and still chance the ulcer. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, I do NOT envy you. It's so hard to plan that type of thing. I did a family reunion for my mom's whole side of the family last year, and it was quite a challenge for me emotionally. I just get stressed!

    The good news is that it turned out great. And so will yours.


  2. Sorry to say... but I have major issues with the whole 4th of July breakfast. So much in fact, that we rarely attend it. I hate that it takes up all of our ward budget and makes it so we have to have a crappy Christmas party every year so that the old people in our ward can get together with all of the old people and their families that USED to live in our ward. It drives me nuts!! I mean, half the ward doesn't even know the people that DO attend it. I feel that if the people in the ward that have problems (And we both know who they are) about changing anything... then let them all contribute to the cost of it and let us have some decent ward parties for once. Ok. Rant over.