Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Begin transmission report

The crap shack is just that, again, filthier than it's been in a long time, but so much fun was had that it's totally worth the week long clean-up I'm sure I'm in for.

The highlight of the visit, besides the fact that my mama was here {alive and breathing and beautiful, and cancer free} was Girl Child's baptism. She was so happy and insanely beautiful in her white dress, made by the best next-door-neighbor anyone could ever ask for. And silly me, I didn't get any good ones of the fabulous dress, just a few close-ups. It was too wet for that, but just another good reason to put her back in it and take more pics outside.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, I tend to do that when overly excited. Kind of like a Chihuahua whose family went on vacation, and just got home.

Em was oh-so-lucky and got to play hooky from school- so we played, and hung out with cousins and ate, and ate. Everyone fought over the new baby- the Mama always won, grandma's rights you know. We stayed up way too late every night, and got up too early- there was just so much to catch up on- I don't know how, it's not like we don't talk on the phone at least 4 times a week, but we pulled near all nighters anyway.

We got our missionary ready to go, the list was looked over and checked twice, now to make it all fit into 2 suitcases will be the real miracle.

We didn't really go anywhere or do anything special, except we ate at In-N-Out burger, my favorite burger joint ever. Cheeseburger no tomatoes, animal-style, fries and a strawberry shake. It really doesn't get any simpler, or yummier, than that.

On saturday the weather was less than cooperative for my outside brunch plans, so we moved the party on over to my in-laws house- cause mine just doesn't fit that many people, nor do I want to attempt it.

Brunch is really just a fun way of saying eat dessert in the middle of the morning legally, cause there is fruit involved, and we did just that. We gorged ourselves on fruit and pastries, muffins and creme puffs. It was truly delightful.

I can't wait until the fam comes back at the end of August- they picked up Genius Brother from BYU and they'll be back to ship him off to Mexico City, Mexico for 2 years. He thinks he'll recover from all of the Cannon center food he consumed by walking- I'm of the opinion a parasite will be more instrumental in that.

My brain is still recovering from severe sleep deprivation, some details may have escaped the telling of this story, that may or may not be rectified later.

10-4 over and out


  1. First let me say: What a beautiful daughter you have! So pretty in white. Isn't it fun when family comes? I live in the same area I was raised in, but all of my kids (except one) live far, far away. I talk to my daughter every day, but there's nothing like real face to face girl time when she blows into town with HER two girls. That'll happen in June, for my son's wedding, and I can't wait!
    Mmmm... brunch... don't get me started. Your brother must have been in heaven after Cannon Center food. I gained 15 pounds my first semester there many moons ago. My mother was horrified.
    I'm glad you had so much fun with everyone. When you're a kid there's nothing like cousin time - a perfect excuse to skip school! You did everything right, and now it's time to shovel out. But you'll have great memories to keep you company.

  2. Emma looked so beautiful in her new dress. She was glowing on Sunday :) That's wonderful that you got to spend some good quality time with all your family. I hope to do the same next month when my sister from back east will come home for week. Can't wait for this summer, camping trips, here we come!!!

  3. It all sounds perfect. And your daughter looks beautiful. And I'm so glad your mom is well again.

    Life is good. And families are the best thing ever.


  4. These kind of posts always make me wish I had a less dysfunctional family of origin. I can't even imagine so much fun and joy at a family function! Guess I will just have to enjoy vicariously in blogland. Your daughter was beautiful--so glad you had a happy family time