Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wherein I forgot the shoes

I forgot to tell you about the shoes, those shoes to be exact. Those ruffles sang to me as I passed by them in the store, I couldn't resist. I've found new muscles in my upper legs and hips that never before have been used- the shoes found them, as I am not accustomed to wearing high-heeled foot wear on a regular basis. But aren't they lovely, and worth the sore muscles? I think so- all three and one half inches of those heels. I think they are the most uncomfortable, but loveliest shoes I own.

And I was taller than my mama in those shoes (at5'10" I'm the shorty in the family!) something I never dreamed I'd see.

Did I mention they were on sale? Yes, on sale.

Oh Target store how I love thee and thy shoes, especially on sale, and thy wide clean aisles and the dollar spot. I don't believe there is a more perfect store in all of creation.


  1. They're lovely! I love nice shoes- even if they make me taller than my husband! :) He doesn't like it so much though... :)

  2. Those are great. But I would fall flat on my face wearing heels that high. Which would sort of spoil the effect.

    On you, however, they look terrific! Sizzlin', even.


  3. Sister, those shoes are the stuff dreams are made of...I heart them very much! And with the red polish, ooh lala!
    Target IS the perfect store. I can walk in there on my lunch hour intending to buy nothing and I'll walk out with all kinds of random things. Their buyers are genius!

  4. Very cute shoes! I LOVE heels, and the taller the better! Only, my problem is that I see them online for sale, can't resist buying them, only to get them and find that though they are the cutest shoes I have ever seen, my poor feet just can't tolerate the pain and blisters :( I have many a pair sitting in my closest collecting dust all for viewing purposes only, since I can't seem to wear them past the hall. Dang feet!
    I agree with you 100% about Target being the best store ever. Every time I go, I just want to stay for hours just because it's so clean and put together! I wonder every time why I even bother with going to Wally World. I think I'd much rather pay the little bit extra for a better shopping experience and better selection!

  5. LOVE them. can't wear heels anymore though. love flats too much.