Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seriously people?

I was under the impression that there were 50 states in the United States of America, that California was one of them, and that there was never a wrong time to show patriotism to the flag. Apparently I was wrong.

At a high school in California (I'd do the cool linky thing for you, but alas I'm technologically uneducated) 5 students were sent home from school, a public school mind you, for wearing apparel with the flag on it. because it was sinco de mayo.

Sorry, what?

They were sent home because 'they were trying to cause trouble' by wearing clothing with the U.S. flag on it, on a Mexican holiday.

Ok- except:
1. When is it inappropriate to wear patriotic clothing, IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY?
2. They don't even celebrate the dang holiday in Mexico (it's sort of like Columbus day to us)
3. Most of the kids who were sent home were 1/2 Mexican.

By the way- I think it's great to have awareness about other cultures celebrations, but you should probably pick one that they actually celebrate.

So if I complained about clothes with the U.S. flag being worn on St. Patrick's Day, Live Oaks High School, would you send those rude, trouble making kids home so they don't hurt my feelings?


  1. Ridiculous. But that's California schools for you. And I know, up close and personal.


  2. You've got to be kidding! Wow - what in the heck are people thinking?

  3. Well first of all, Gringa, it's Cinco de Mayo. (Sheesh, I can tell you're not a Latina!) And second of all, most of us here in California are livid about just these kinds of things. I believe the school office was flooded with parents calling (probably on both sides) and I think most of us feel that this was just the sort of example of idiotic, misguided political correctness that's going to destroy this country. We all think it's horrible but unfortunately the voices that have the press's ear are far left liberals, so it sounds like we're all on board with Mexican flag waving demonstrators. I love California and our country, and it's really hard to see it all go downhill like this.

  4. I'm back. Thank you for your lovely comments. I wish I could convey how much they mean. Appearances can be deceiving, but I have come a long way. Before I could do what I do now I had to work for my dad for 10 years in a classic car parts place - UGH! Now THAT was a growing experience, and a direct consequence of not preparing myself with a college degree. But thanks for the good words - they are high praise. Even though we've never met, I admire all of you ladies mightily.

  5. Found your blog from a comment on Karen's post today.
    And I'm glad I did. Always glad to find another say-it-like-it-is friend.
    From AZ where we're catching all the immigration heat--
    I'll be back,
    but they sent me home from school for my red white and blue shoelaces.