Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lost my mind- found it when the house was clean

I think I actually lost my mind for a while today. Not just the garden variety mind losing, this was all out can't find the thing, too much noise to try and remember the last time it was seen, and not enough floor visible to look for it. In case you were wondering, there was a valid reason for the absentee mind.

7 children in my home, that was it. Only 1 belongs to me of course. Some were screaming, some body art happened, a lot of macaroni was thrown and thankfully no puke happened. All as I was trying to pack and get ready for the trip that we are leaving for tomorrow. with a YW activity that I was in charge of tonight. I gave chaos a whole new meaning, and I have a new found respect for moms with lots of kids all the time.

I'm one of those. You know, the ones who can't leave a dirty house- and was it ever messy, but you couldn't see the floor for the mess. I panicked, and thought about bailing on the trip- then sent the family away and rolled up my sleeves to get to work, and it's done. Floors, counters, laundry- all done. So I will, in fact be going river rafting and hiking- and sleeping soundly knowing that I'll be coming home to a clean house. Cause nothing is worse than coming home from vacation with a boat load of dirty laundry, stuff to unpack, and having to clean the house on top of it, but don't you agree?

so off I go, see you next week. If I remember I'll take some awesome pictures, if I'm lame I won't


  1. Are you taking your family with you? Because if I left my family home for a week, the house would be destroyed! Have fun!

  2. Have fun! Can't wait for the pics.


  3. agh. when i'm stressed i clean. it's as simple as that. it gives me my sanity back.

  4. Have a great time. If you're like me, you'll be lame and take no pictures. I'm always too busy having a great time!