Saturday, August 14, 2010

In case you wondered where I've been

I am tired, bone deep, exhausted, body-won't-follow-brain's-instructions-tired. Girls camp is the reason for my current state of being. Who knew it would be the leaders that would be the ones keeping everyone up at night? I thought for sure I'd have to do some after hours shushing. I never dreamed that I'd be the one being shushed. And just when we'd get our paroxysms of laughter under control- someone would say something funny and we'd be off again- giggling uncontrollably.

Oh, I must tell you about the hill. We lived in the cutest cabin at the top of the hill. We ate most of our meals at the pavilion at the top of the hill, but all of the meetings were at the bottom of said hill. It was steep, and long, and we had to walk down and back up it about a million times a day. I came to hate the dang hill. At first, I would say to myself, self, this hill will make your bum look awesome- so suck it up and maybe even run a little. By the end I said to myself, self, I loathe this hill and I refuse to walk it again today, inevitably the hill required more trips down and back up. It must not have had the proper sacrifices made unto it, is all I can figure.

And now that I'm home from camp I see that my worries have only grown. The funny thing is, is that before I left I was worried about my 1 pre-teen daughter, and all of the complicated emotions that entails, and now I've come home with 11, full blown teenage kids, that I love and will now worry about. It's strange how that happens.

I have so many swirling thoughts in my head, things I learned by watching the girls, and things I learned about myself. But those have to be for another day because I need a nap. A well earned nap I might add, since the camping gear is put away-mostly- and the laundry has all been washed.


  1. Happy Mormons mother whoever they are currently in charge of. That's why they call you cabin mom.
    Hope it was great, and I can't wait to hear!~

  2. You're doing good work, being with the YW. They need other adults besides their parents to look up to. Yeah, and you do worry about them, but what a positive influence you could be on them! I'm a little envious. But go - shoo - take your nap. You HAVE deserved it!

  3. Girls Camp is such a great experience for them...and for the leaders, too.

    I bet you were a great person to have there.


  4. so glad you're back! cant wait to get our walking back on when school starts:-) swim this week?

  5. i can relate to your dilemma, which is not a dilemma, we have to work hard in order to have the best of all and no matter what we say, we love it