Friday, August 6, 2010

pre-teen jitters

I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous. Girls camp is next week, and I've left Emma before, even for this long- something is just different this time. Maybe it's because she doesn't have the routine of school to keep busy with, or maybe it's because she's been asking for a bra lately and seeming so much more grown up than I really am comfortable with- I can't pin-point the difference.

She has suddenly entered that tween age, not a little girl but not a teenager (thank heavens for that!) and she's obsessed with all things grown-up-ish. I'm not ready for bra talk, let alone period questions. I still want 'if the sky is blue and the sun is yellow, why isn't the air green?' not 'why do people have babies?' (all actual questions she has asked).

How did this happen, and more importantly- what do I do? How do people successfully raise daughters, and see them through the teenage years? I'm woefully unprepared!
Someone should write a book or something.


  1. Emma will write the book for you...


    PS. And the ending will be GREAT.

  2. I know - I used to get all nervous. Just answer questions in the simplest way possible. If she asks another question from there, answer that one simply. The mistake I tended to make was thinking I had to give a full and anatomical answer, when they really weren't ready for so many details. If they're ready, they'll keep asking more questions. But usually the simple answer satisfies them for the moment. Don't get rattled - that will prompt more "questions." You're a fun mom - you'll do fine. I see you as the popular mom.

  3. Take notes at girls' camp of all the crazy things the girls do, and then be grateful in a few years when you've already seen that crap!