Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm fairly confident that I woke up this morning in Utah, as I have lived here for the last 4 years-solid evidence. But then outside, I'm sure it's telling me I'm back in Illinois, it is speaking that midwestern talk, that I was barely able to understand (and they say southerners are hard to understand- ha!).

It's saying things like humidity, and severe thunderstorms, flooding and funnel clouds. Hence the location confusion, cause Utah is desert-y, and dry, and un-tornado-y. But there are mountains being lit up in the back ground of the lightning that are definitely NOT Illinois, cause the highest point there is a whopping 75 feet, or something ridiculously flat.

I'm thoroughly confused, and I don't have toto to chat with about it- Bear dog is cowering under the bed. He's more like the wicked witch of the west anyway, he melts in the rain and other such precipitation, and he flies like one of those creepy monkeys when he breaks out, how else would he escape so much if not for the flying powers?


  1. I've been reading a lot of posts from people in Utah, many of whom are really enjoying the unusual weather.

    I had enough of it when I lived in Chicago for three years.



  2. The weather there yesterday was really weird. I loved it all until it delayed my flight a whopping 2 1/2 hours. Getting home at 1 am is NOT on my list of faves.
    But at least there was cool thunder!

  3. I don't think I love tornadoes, but I DO love me a good thunder and lightning storm. We used to vacation every summer in Utah (Spanish Fork!) when I was a kid and I'll never forget those summer storms with the spectacular lightning. We hardly ever get that here in California. But I agree - the humidity part is weird. Seems to be a nation wide thing - the east coast was humid and rainy, and we're cloudy and drizzly here. Enjoy but don't get snatched up by a twister!

  4. The humid air is killing me. So thick I can't breathe.