Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank heaven for little girls

One of the girls quoted me on the table of fame-and maybe drew a picture of me too, I'm not sure?

And it came to pass that we created. In the first hour we made hair flowers. And it was good. In the second hour we cut fabric and made hair clips. And it was good. And in the seventh hour I rested, they played Mario. And it was good.

Can you tell I'm still on a crafting kick from girls camp? Em and Lys were crazy crafters today, one project right after another. They had some good ideas for Christmas gifts too. I nearly choked when they said the Christmas word- we're still in the throes of summer, and they're planning Christmas already. Apparently I'm not the only one who is a little OCD with the planning stuff.

I think we're trying for fitting all of summer into this last week. And I think if we sit on it and jump a little while we zip, it just might work.


  1. I've been thinking about Christmas early too. I've already got Maddie mostly done. I'd like to have everything done before the baby comes in November. It would take away tons of stress for that time of year!

  2. I know - this summer has FLOWN by - although it's not technically over yet. It's never too early to (secretly) start thinking about Christmas. I'm always curious myself as to what the first gift of Christmas will be. This is the first item I either purchase or make, and I never know from year to year what it will be or who it will be for. So far it hasn't made an entry.

  3. Sounds like they are reaping the benefits of your time at camp!


  4. Sick. Last week of summer and everyone is sick. At least over here in my neck of the woods. "and it was not good." but it could have been much worse. Its really not bad, just enough to annoy. Guess I should have been hand washing their hands more I have. Umphf.