Monday, November 8, 2010

actual conversation

Mischief & Sass- that's what those eyes are planning

When The Girl Child was 3 she cut her own hair, her long beautiful almost to her behind, hair. She gave herself what could only be described as a mullet, a very long in the back/short in the front, mullet.

She chopped the sides of her hair, and there was nothing to be done but give her the little pixie hair cut. You know the kind- it's so cute, but only while it's that length. Once it starts growing out it's not so much cute, as it is scraggly.

Upon talking to her about hair cutting, this conversation actually took place.

Smarty Pants: Em, only people who've been cutting hair for a long time, and have gone to school and practiced, can cut hair.

The Girl Child: But mom, I've been practicing my whole life.

Now imagine it with a darling little lisp, that 'practicing' sounds a whole lot cuter- but doesn't it?

There was nothing to do but giggle, while trying to keep a straight face. I didn't succeed. She cut her own hair a few more times after that, although never so drastically.

We finally got her to stop by telling her if she did it again, she'd have to get her hair cut like Daddy's. She wasn't in love with the idea of the buzzer with the #2 guard on it coming at her head. I'm really glad too, that would have been awful to follow through on.


  1. Carli cut her hair last year, and it looked pretty awful! In fact, it's just now back to its full glory.


  2. Sometimes you just have to exhibit tough love - but it's always nice when they believe you and you don't have to follow through! {singing out} *Waiting for my tru-u-u-fles!* I may or may not be drooling at the thought of them.

  3. Aside from her eyes, she looks exactly like you in that picture.

  4. Oh AMEN to the follow through thing! She is such an angel beauty---I can't even imagine having to do that kind of follow through to her! I have 4 girls--you do the math on how many times WE'VE done the pixie hair cut....

  5. Funny. She truly says the darndest things, doesn't she. :) Adorable! And I can't believe I've been so absent as to have missed truffles! I'll stay on it better from now on. :)