Thursday, November 4, 2010

an ipod and truffles to be given

Emma's costume- cutest ipod ever
She came up with it on her own, clever girl.

I know I'm exceptionally lame for taking this long to choose a winner, but trust me when I say you wouldn't have wanted any thing sent to you from my house last week anyway.

Without further ado, the winner drawn from the bowl of fate is- Karen. Just be happy I didn't enforce the idea from Schroeder's comment on said post.

Wait- there's more- seeing as I make the truffles in gigantic batches, and I'm sending some to both of my brothers that are far far away anyway- everyone else, yes all 3 of you, get some truffles too.

They're just not winning truffles. They're giftish truffles? Or some other, more appropriately named, type of package of deliciousness in the mail.

Email me your addresses and I'll ship those suckers to you next week, except Keri- I'll just walk them over.


  1. OH, BOY!


    PS. Emailing address even as I type.

  2. AWESOME!! I'm a little bit late - just got back from AZ and a crazy road trip with my son and wifie to see the other kid and her kiddies. I'm sleep deprived but we celebrated a first birthday and had lots of fun. Meanwhile, my husband was in Utah. Next time I'll coordinate with him and come see YOU!

  3. loved the ipod idea. wish it wasn't raining!!!

  4. Hello Smarty Pants. You can walk a batch over to me and I will keep you company for a while.

  5. WHAT??!! Wait a minute!! I missed truffles??!!

    You need to get a follow me thingie so you can be in my reader--this is so unfair....whine...whine....

  6. Oh...and what a darling costume!!