Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the year of the never ending truffles

75* I didn't realize just what a number it is. It's not really a lot of money, unless you're 8 or it's 1860. It is quite an age to reach. It's a C on a test. It's longer that two months. It's how much I spend at Costco every time I go. It's also the number of people for whom I am making Christmas neighbor treats. I didn't realize just how big that number was until I started actually making stuff. It has officially been the year of the never ending truffles.

So I decided to simplify this year. Only 2 things are going out on those neighbor plates, caramels and truffles. Those are my specialties and that's what everyone requests anyway- so it has been decided that there will be no dipping of pretzels, no ginger snap making, and no hot cocoa on a stick.

Now the hard decisions- eggnog or pumpkin for the truffles, and just regular, or regular and licorice caramels, which should I do?

*75 is the sum total of all of the people in the families, I am not crazy enough to attempt 75 individual neighbor gifts. This year anyway


  1. For me? I'd go with pumpkin truffles because not everyone likes eggnog and regular caramels for the same reason.

    Plus, it's easier!

    And they are going to be thrilled, because those truffles are sinfully addicting! (And I bet the caramels are, too.)


  2. Well now you're just bragging...
    I can't offer an opinion because I haven't had the pleasure of those eggnog truffles OR the caramels OR the licorice caramels... *hint*
    However, 2 thumbs up for the pumpkin ones.

  3. I am sad because I have been trying and trying to post a comment and I am fail at it :(

    But I try again! Happy Christmas, Jess! Miss your guts.


  4. Does that make me crazy? Because we handed out 65 gifts, with nine more tomorrow night for the Bishop's widow dinner. That gets me to 74. But it was jam I made last summer. I highly recommend the "give-something-that-doesn't-have-to-be-made-during-the-craziest-time-of-the-year" gift.

  5. ok, i was totally thinking you were giving out to 75 families. i haven't handed any out in my neighborhood this year. i'm hoarding. just wasn't in the groove to make a ton. so i'm sitting here hoarding my one batch of oreo balls and lemon bread:) eggnog truffles for sure. it's christmas!