Friday, January 28, 2011

actual conversation: house of horrors edition

Have you ever seen that show hoarders? It is an instant anxiety attack in a box for me, and every time we go to my in-law's house it's on. I find myself standing in front of the tv with my hands clapped over my mouth gasping, horrified by all of the crap inside one house. I find myself asking, how did her family-who lives inside the house- let this happen? Why don't they just send her out of town and have a giant yard sale or get a dumpster for the weekend?

My mother-in-law tries to calmly explain to me that it's an illness, and they just can't help it. And, while I am perfectly aware of, and considerate towards, mental illnesses I just can't see how it physically happens.

I have a husband and daughter with slightly hoard-ish tendencies, and as much as I love them, our house will never look like that. It just can't- I'd be in a mental institution. So one day, after visiting, I was talking to Girl Child about it, and the following conversation ensued.

Smarty Pants: Aren't you glad you learned how to keep your room clean?

Girl Child: I'm mostly glad that I got my ears pierced, but yeah I like my room clean too I guess.

Smarty Pants: How do you think you'd feel if we lived in a messy house like what's on tv

Girl Child: Well, it'd be ok, but I'd worry if someone tried to rob us.

Smarty Pants: What do you mean?

Girl Child: Well, we don't really have anything worth taking right now, so no one wants to rob us now... but if we got lots of stuff someone might want to steal it.

And the 8 year old does it again- zing.


  1. Well, she's probably right about that. So better you don't have all the stuff, I guess.

  2. That's an interesting theory she has...


    PS. If I paid you at least three dollars and fifty cents, would you consider changing this new font of yours? For some reason, I can hardly read it. Sheesh. I must be getting older than I thought!

  3. First of all--Sue made me snort-

    Second of all--your mini me made me double snort---