Tuesday, February 1, 2011

steamy mirror musings

So I don't think this picture counts for the right out of the showerness, however, there is no makeup on- so it sort of works, because I have a no naked picture policy that I strictly adhere to. It took some time to really decide on which feature I liked the best, mostly cause I was waiting for the steam to clear off of the mirror.

After some deliberation, it was between my eyes and my left cheek dimple, my green eyes won out. I love these green eyes in my head, and the eyebrows above them- they can communicate a host of emotions.

There's the 'mom look' that lets Girl Child, and The Schroedad, know that the limits are being tested. Then there's the come hither look, I'm sure you can use your imagination for that one. And the crazy eyes- that one says 'caution-it's been one of those days'.

These green green eyes can give a look of understanding and sympathy, a look of acceptance and unconditional love. Somehow they say spill your guts, tell me your problems- I'll understand, I won't judge. And that's just what happens, and all I can figure is that it's these eyes that do it. Sometimes they fill with tears, then they're really green, and it's apparent that my heart is full- happy or sad, either way.

Best of all these green eyes crinkle a little at the edges when I smile, and they hold a little sparkle of mischief. Like they're just waiting for a great idea to explode into full mischief mode.


  1. You are a beautiful woman, eyes and all!

    Loved this.


  2. PS. Thanks for the font change. This is wonderful!!

  3. Your blog feels all new and stuff. Like it.
    Green eyes--the bane of my existence. You have all that Scarlett O'Hara had--the skin, the hair the eyes, and the dimple.
    Can I be you?

  4. I have no imagination--could we have a picture of the "come hither" one please? :0)

    I've always liked your no naked photo rule also---and your green eyes and dimple..

  5. Green eyes - what a lovely feature! I pay lots of money to make my brown eyes green. Sadly, they're one of my best features and they're not real... I would also have to say that you have beautiful skin - in that picture it just glows with good health!

  6. you have the BEST full head of hair.

  7. No make up on, really?! Wow...if only I could be so lucky! You have great skin! And women pay big money for lips like yours! :)

  8. I think you have great cheekbones, at least in this picture! I've always wanted real cheekbones, sigh. And I appreciate the no naked picture policy, it's always good to have some limits! You look fabulous with no makeup, love your skin.