Monday, January 17, 2011

my birthday is a holiday- seriously it is

You know why January the 17th is such a great birthday? No, it's not because you'd have to join the polar people club to have a pool party like those June birthday people can. And it's not because you can have your party on any day of the week since it's Summer Vacation like those July and August people can. It's not even because it's right after Christmas no one wants to do a party right after Christmas- especially not me.

It's because in all of my whole educational career, I've only gone to school on my birthday 2 times. Yep, just twice. I love having a birthday that's frequently an observed holiday.

It totally makes up for the fact that my life has not in any way shape or form done what I planned for it to do by the ripe ole age of 30. Those other 3 or 4 kids I'd planned to have, no big deal- my birthday is an observed holiday. Going to dental hygiene school instead of med school, as planned- so what? My birthday is an observed holiday.

See how it goes and makes things just right, that observed holiday birthday. Don't you wish you had an observed holiday birthday too?


  1. I think it's an awesome birthday! I know LaMar and I had a fabulous time today - it would have been even better had I known to tip a glass of Diet Coke to you.
    I wish I could sit down with you and talk about life and it's quirky way of not turning out quite like you'd planned. But if it all went as scripted, we wouldn't have the growth that comes from doing and handling something more difficult. Sometimes you have the benefit of looking back on it and saying "Ahhh... now I see why that needed to be." It doesn't make it any easier at the time, but trust me - you will use the experience in some way for good in your life. You will. Sweetie, I wish I could just give you a big hug right now, but I do wish you a very happy birthday - and you're only 30 years old? Good heavens - cause for celebration right there - life is still young!

  2. I almost do. My birthday is May 31, a day after memorial day. And I like it, too.

    Happy Birthday, Jess! I'm sorry I missed the actual day, and I hope it was as cool as you are.


  3. As usual I'm a day (or in this case--DAYS) late and a dollar short (or in this case--without present)--{{{{deep sigh}}}}}}

    Hope it was a good day---a lot of cake and little stress.....