Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wish granted

Remember this post? The one about my love for these books.

That's what I got for Christmas from my momma. They were on sale, and free shipping, and I'm the luckiest girl on earth. I've already read 2 of them, and my own Girl Child is begging to read the one which bears her own name. I can't yet decide which is my favorite.

It made me think of the movies that have been made of these classic stories, the old versions and the new (clueless doesn't really count though- since it was set modernly and the story irreparably altered, and really step siblings- that's just yucky). I realized that I can't help but have the quality of the movie hold some bearing on which is my favorite story. Sad I know. But Even when I've read them all I still don't know if I could choose a favorite- can there be an 8 way tie?


  1. The only ones of those I've read are Little Women and The Secret Garden, and I've read them numerous times over my many years. Treasures both.

  2. I have about a 20 way tie going on....

    Don't you love how I am vacant from your blog for awhile and the BAM! You can't shut me up??!! Did I ever say thank you for the treats?? THANK YOU!! But back to the other--I put you in Google Reader but your posts don't come up--why is that?